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Blogging on a Busy Schedule

Blogging on a Busy Schedule

I took a long break from blogging but so happy to say I am back now, and this time, for good. I went through a major career switch where all my focus went to settling in to a new job. With a sudden burst of inspiration, I want to seriously focus on blogging again. It is a hobby and I always find time for my hobbies, especially if it’s something I love to do. If you are a fellow blogger, you know it can be pretty time consuming, but I’ve been finding ways to keep blogging despite a full-time schedule & wanted to share my tips with you!


Handy Dandy Notebook

Writing my thoughts down throughout the week is something that helps me a lot. No matter where I am, I’m constantly thinking of ideas. When an idea hits me, I write it down or else I’ll forget. This helps me focus when I’m writing a post and it helps guide me in creating & styling looks.

Scheduling Time

I try to dedicate one of my days off to shoot & edit my content. Usually, I block out mornings to shoot which takes me 2 hours max. It helps to do multiple shoots in one day so I can stockpile photos and have things to post throughout the week. If I find time for a break during the week, I’ll begin writing drafts and finish them when I have more time at the end of the day or the weekend.


Setting Deadlines

I am the type of person who works best under pressure. I need to give myself a deadline to complete something, whether its taking photos or writing a draft, or else I’ll just keep pushing it off. I recommend having a calendar and setting alerts for “due dates” or simply choosing certain days to post. For example, picking Tuesdays and Thursdays to publish a post would get me in the habit of making sure I finish 2 blog posts per week on those days.


So this sort of ties everything together. Because I have to be wise with my time, it helps having a lineup of drafted posts. Even if the draft is only made of a title and a few pictures, at least the thought is there and can be completed later. I also mentioned this in an earlier point, but if I can put together a few looks and shoot them in one day, that helps a lot too with being able to post on social media consistently, especially if I know I have a busy week.


At the end of the day, this is something I do for fun and want to keep it that way. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and business side of blogging, which has discouraged me in the past. But just as I make time for my other hobbies, I want to make time for blogging and hope my tips can help new or struggling bloggers!

Sporty Casual

Before I go, let’s talk about today’s look! I sort of deviated from my usual style and went more sporty with this one. The entire outfit is from Laura’s Boutique. I love buying basics from here like this ribbed black bodysuit. Also, the skirt is super comfortable and perfect for casual wear. The pop of red really stands out too and elevates the look. My black patent leather sneakers are from Puma and are the newest addition to my ever-growing sneaker collection.

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