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Escapes with Apes: San Diego

Escapes with Apes: San Diego

I’m excited to start a new series called ‘Escapes with Apes’. If you didn’t know, Apes is my nickname! This series is dedicated to my many adventures which will range from little weekend trips to big getaways.

Earlier this month, I spent a weekend in San Diego. I visit San Diego at least once a year, but each time I find myself doing different things and exploring different neighborhoods. Read below on some of the highlights of my trip!

 Brunch at Kindred


What better way to start the weekend than going to brunch? The first stop of my San Diego adventure was for a lovely meal at Kindred. I absolutely loved this place not only for the dark, whimsical decor, but the food was delicious! I also appreciate the entirely vegan menu, which had everything from cauliflower steak to a giant cinnamon roll. It’s great to see creative vegan fare on a menu.

We got the biscuits and gravy, cinnamon roll, and a hash dish. All of these were so good and I would definitely come to San Diego again just to eat here.

 Coffee at Communal


Throughout the entirety of the trip, we stopped by both locations of Communal Coffee. The first location we visited was the one in North Park. It was super cute and the coffee shop was actually a trailer with outdoor seating. It kind of gave off a camping vibe even though it was in the middle of a quaint street lined with small boutiques.

The second location we visited was conjoined with a flower & gift shop. This one was definitely a bigger space and we gazed at all the pretty flowers while waiting for our coffee. It is right next to a nursery, so it’s a great place to look at plants AND drink coffee. Both locations were very aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, the coffee was spot on.

 Shopping at Pigment


Next, we visited the popular gift shop, Pigment. When you step inside Pigment, you will immediately want to pick up the closest thing to you on one of their carefully crafted displays. The entire store is curated to perfection and I can probably spend an hour in there. They even have a designated wall for photos. The outside of the building is decorated as well, complete with a succulent wall and a pink mural. I definitely walked away purchasing a few goodies from the store, it’s hard not to!

Ranch Bernardo Pumpkin Farm


Last but not least, before heading home, I had to stop by the Rancho Bernardo pumpkin patch. I had the intention of buying pumpkins to carve and saw that this farm was on the way back to LA. The farm itself was pretty large and wasn’t too crowded. My favorite part of this visit was the sunflower fields. There were so many rows of knee high sunflowers and then behind those were more rows of giant sunflowers.

We ended up buying two pumpkins to carve for Halloween decorations. I think I might have to come back again next Fall! I wish I took more photos of the other things we did in San Diego, but these were definitely the main highlights of the overall trip. 

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