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Coffee Shop Series Part II: Cafe Demitasse

I have always been an iced coffee or iced latte person. It doesn’t matter how cold it is either, I will be that person who orders an iced coffee in the rain! Last week I was especially craving a good iced drink, thanks to the unusually warm weather. I recalled ordering this iced tea latte on a seasonal menu at Cafe Demitasse, and wanted to get it again.

Head down to Little Tokyo Los Angeles with me for another coffee adventure!

The Coffee Enthusiasts

Cafe Demitasse is the place to go if you are a coffee enthusiast. The baristas here all seem expertly trained on their craft and they each have a signature drink you can order. Speaking of signature drinks, I initially came for a seasonal drink but they were all out! The barista offered to make a “special” drink for me instead that “no one can order”. Intrigued by this mystery drink, I was eager to try it. He told me that they took it off the menu a while back because it took too long to make.

The special drink was a sort of shaken iced latte with almond milk (per my request) served in a frosted glass with a hint of mint. It was pretty refreshing and creamy even with the almond milk.

Social Drinkers

I usually visit the Little Tokyo location in Downtown LA. Although it is small, there always seems to be a space for one or two. There is also a nice outdoor space nicely shaded by a parasol awning. My favorite place to sit would actually be the bar. I like the idea of bar seating at a coffee shop, partly because I like watching drinks be made and because you can talk to your barista. It makes me miss being a barista at times!

Coffee Art Mishap

Ready for a funny story? I came in on a late Wednesday morning so there was only about 3 or 4 people there. As I was watching my drink be made, I snapped a picture of my fiancé’s latte. He really liked the photo so he asked me to airdrop it to him. Without checking, I airdropped the photo to the first name that popped up on my screen. It was too late, the picture already sent to a complete stranger! I looked at my fiancé with terror, and the guy sitting next to us at the bar said “Oh look! A picture of the coffee right in front of me!” I know it wasn’t a bad thing to send, but I couldn’t believe I had sent it to the wrong person!

All Black Outfit

I like my coffee how I like my outfits, all black! Okay, that is partially untrue since I always take my espresso with some almond milk. For today’s look I am wearing almost all Zara. This fitted leather skirt, mesh long sleeved top, and black cami are all from Zara. I have been a little obsessed with leather skirts lately and couldn’t resist getting this one. I feel like they are all flattering and add a bit of flair. To add a bit of contrast with the black, I chose a mesh top. When wearing all black or a monochrome outfit, I love mixing up textures. For a pop of color, I wore booties from JustFab that are a lovely shade of wine.

Thank you all for another successful coffee date! Stay tuned for lots more to come. Maybe I will even try getting a hot drink somewhere for once.

Til next time,


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