Just the Basics

Today’s look is all about my favorite basic – the little black dress. I put a casual spin on it as this has been my current go to outfit. You really can never go wrong with this closet staple, and it can be worn so many ways. Keep reading below for more of this look and a little personal note about how I keep organized!

Basic Black Dress

A majority of my clothes are black or some sort of dark color. It’s definitely a color I wear almost everyday. I bought this dress from H&M online a month back, but it’s been worn a few times since then! The dress is more of a charcoal, but it is still a versatile color. To add some print, I chose my trusty black & white flannel. I love pairing a flannel with this dress so I can tie it at my waist, giving it some shape. On a side note, I can’t believe I can still wear this dress in the middle of December! That’s winter in Los Angeles for you.

Easy Casual

This look is super casual, but I am proud of it. I actually think it’s a good representation of my closet and everyday style. Comfort is something I think a lot about when putting a look together. I own many basics with a handful of statement items and usually mix them up! The boots featured in this look are my favorite black boots from Chinese Laundry. Out of all places, I found them on Amazon! The length of these are a bit higher than your average ankle boot, which I like. At the bottom of this post, I have included some great basics for your viewing and/or shopping pleasure!

Organization Basics

Thought I would take some time and talk about my most recent closet purge! Every couple of months, I go through my clothes and donate items that I no longer need. But also I take this time to re-organize my closet. I am a little particular of how I organize my clothes or I will wreak havoc trying to find something. For example, if I can’t find a specific shirt, I’ll probably ruin all my drawers during my search! To avoid this, it helps to keep things as organized as possible.

I organized my closet by sleeve-length and color. So I have my strapless black dresses on the very left to my long sleeve blue shirts on the very right. I found this is easiest for me because I always plan outfits around the weather. If I am looking for a t-shirt to wear, I’ll look in the t-shirt section and then decide on color. When my closet is organized, I can always find what I’m looking for and avoid saying “I have nothing to wear!” Is anyone else like this? Would love to hear how you organize your wardrobe!

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