Coffee Shop Series, Los Angeles

Coffee Shop Series: Tilt

Welcome to the first post of my Coffee Shop Series! Combining both a fashion and food-type post, I plan on putting together my different coffee shop adventures. I invite you to take a virtual sip of espresso with me as I introduce some awesome coffee and cooler vibes.

The Hidden Gem

After a delicious Mediterranean meal in Downtown Los Angeles, my best friend and I stumbled upon a random lit up hallway amidst a cluster of buildings on a busy street. “Let’s go in!” I recall one of us saying without even thinking what it could lead to. A lot of our adventures happen this way, venturing into unfamiliar hallways (haha).

Walking through this magical hallway led us to a massive open outdoor space with a path leading to a giant floating metal flower. There are two modern triangular shaped buildings made of mostly glass on either side of the flower. The slanted parts of the triangular buildings are covered in lush greenery and California styled landscaping. Sounds like I am describing some sort of enchanted scene, but it is actually a coffee shop called Tilt.


Tilt is suitably named since it appears as though building is tilting. The actual shop is small, not really meant for patrons to sit for hours on end. However, across from the shop is an additional space where there are tables and chairs suitable for this kind of activity. But, if you venture around the building, there are many little pockets of sitting areas. The overall space is very modern with the pleasant addition of lush greenery. It looks like the buildings below it are unfinished but will soon become a bustling shopping plaza.

The specialty here seems to be the Cloud Latte or Cloud Mocha. The Cloud Latte has visible layers of espresso and milk, with a cloud like foam on the very top. I haven’t tried it myself but it is said to be nicely creamy, not too sweet, and a refreshing treat. I stuck with a matcha latte and it was a good choice and it matched the lovely greenery outside.

Coffee Casual

The photos in this post were actually taken on our second visit here. Thanks to Danielle for letting me borrow her Cloud Latte for some shots. Most of our day was spent walking around aimlessly downtown looking for coffee. Believe it or not, this was the third coffee shop we visited that day. I wanted to put together a cool, casual look for the day since I knew we were going to be walking a lot. I wore a black Zara sweater with ruffle details on the sleeves. This is probably my favorite sweater at the moment because it is such a simple basic with a trendy touch. I dressed down the sweater with Forever 21 jeggings and my trusty Adidas sneakers.


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