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Visiting The Happy Place

Pop-up interactive exhibits, informally known as Instagram havens, have become increasingly popular lately (i.e Museum of Ice Cream, 14th Factory, Color Factory etc). Usually, tickets for these things sell out at the speed of lightning and there is a limited time frame of 1-2 months. If you are able to get a ticket in time, you are surely in for a cool experience – and a bunch of photo ops of course.

What is the Happy Place?

Located in the LA Arts District, The Happy Place is an interactive experience fully equipped with various art installations designed to instill a feeling of happiness. You can think of it like going through a modern funhouse, but with really cool concepts in each room. I am all for fun experiences but I also love that they donate proceeds from their in-house lemonade stand to charities to spread the happiness.

See below for a glimpse of my favorite parts from my recent visit to the Happy Place!

Inside the Happy Place

Each ticket has a certain time for entry, so be sure to arrive early to find parking! There were about 10 people who were in the same time group as me and my fiancé, so it never felt overcrowded throughout the visit. After watching a cute video at the entrance, it was time to explore!

Room to Room

The first room was a ‘candy room’ complete with a giant pair of heels that are made of M&M like candy. One corner of the room had a small stand that served matching candy as well. The other corner had a gum-ball installation and a matching yellow bench, making for a cute backdrop.

I’d say my favorite spot was the next room, which I will call the Palm Tree room. Around the room were different cartoon-like palm tree sculptures. The cute palm trees combined with the visual overload of the walls and floor certainly made me feel happy! There was definitely a child-like inspiration here.

Next was the Love room, complete with lip-smacked wallpaper and a giant mirrored XO structure. My favorite part of the room was the lips-shaped couch in the corner. It seemed everyone felt that way because there was a line to sit on it. Shout out to the girl who offered to take our photos for us!

Arguably the most popular of the rooms was the flower garden. It is essentially a raised platform where you climb through a ladder to get the full experience. This was definitely one of the more immersive experiences and beautiful to look at. I like the idea of feeling like you are poking your head out of the grass!

The next room had a a couple of mini installations. It was more crowded here since it was the spot most people lingered to take photos. My favorite of these was the rubber duck installation, which featured a bathtub full of ball pit balls.

Lastly, there were the confetti installations. One of the installations offered a confetti bed where you can lay down and make snow angels. There was a camera directly above each ‘bed’ that takes a 3 second video. The second part of this installation was a giant confetti bubble that reminded me of those money blowing machines. You get 60 seconds inside the bubble, which is a good amount of time to throw around confetti in the air and at each other.

The Happy Experience

The whole visit took a little over an hour, but can vary depending on the crowd. The workers did a good job of making sure everyone got a chance to experience everything, which was nice. I would say Happy Place truly offers a happy experience and makes for a great date idea. Also it provides a fun daytime activity and little escape for everyone! I definitely enjoyed each room and the different themes of ‘happiness’. There were a few things that I skipped over in this post, such as a birthday inspired room and a pool of gold coins. It’s better to see these for yourselves if you can!

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